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HUNTINGTON, NY – Over the weekend oldest brother Kevin Jonas got married. At Oheka Castle in Long Island, Kevin Jonas married his hairdresser, 23 year old Danielle Delesea. Scientific investigation confirms that this Saturday’s blizzard was sent by an angry snow god trying to stop the ceremony.
Himavat, a Hindu snow god, was angered by the Jonas Brother getting married. According to theology scholars Himavat has been a rabid Jonas Brothers fan since they performed in Mumbai last spring. Researchers believe he sent the storm fearing a Yoko Ono type situation if one of the brothers got married.
Saturday’s Blizzard surprised meteorologists when it started in the Atlantic then went up the entire American Eastern Seaboard, burying cities and leaving havoc in its wake. Apparently the Jonas Brothers kept quiet about the marriage until only a few days before it happened. Knowing only the general region to look Himavat pounded the eastern seaboard, moving northward until he found ceremony in Long Island.
Kevin Jonas was married in a castle estate outside of New York City, with a magical forest themed wedding. The other brothers, also believed to be genetically engineered by Disney and share a hive mind, served as best men for the occasion. Himavat arrived just in time to see the couple declared man and wife. Mourning his lost cause, he left several ice sculptures on their lawn as a wedding present and the blizzard died out.
Despite one of their ranks being married the Jonas Brothers (scientifically referred to as Jonasai) will continue to market themselves to a preteen audience. Himavat has returned to his home atop the Himalayan mountains, binging on ice cream and Hannah Montana reruns.

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More Than....


Happy Birthday KEVIN JONAS II !

viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009

Kevin Jonas Back Flip On Concer in San Jose!

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Kevin Jonas & Danielle Deleasa Married :D

From Kevin Sr. and Denise Jonas
Our hearts are filled with joy today and we are happy to share with you that our son Kevin has asked Danielle Deleasa for her hand in marriage. Her answer was yes and it is such a blessing that she will be joining our family. Kevin and Danielle have not yet set a date. Family is very dear to us and we hope we have raised Kevin to be a wonderful man and husband. Please join us in our families celebration and in congratulating Kevin and Danielle. Thank you for all of your support.

Congratulations Kevin & Danielle! :D

martes, 30 de junio de 2009

Kevin Jonas Funny Moments!!!:D

sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009

This Is Kevin Jonas Siging Please Be Mine With her Brother Nick Jonas.

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Put In (Entradas antiguas) to see the first Videos an a reading very wonderful about Kevin.

This is a picture of Jonas Brothers & Elvis(The Dog Of Nick)

This is a vid of a table very funny.

This is a vid of her Life Chat in BOOKFACE(Facebook)

This is a vid That do one Girl in Youtube that is about kevin.

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This Is an other vid of kevin Jonas Dancing S.O.S.

This Is The S.O.S Dance Of Kevin Jonas

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Read This Text that One Girl In Team Jonas PublishedAbout Kevin Jonas (It Makes You Craying)

Kevin. When you stand in the crowd of a Jonas Brothers Concert, who is everyone screaming for? Joe and Nick. But what about the other one? Who plays his heart out, and breaks a sweat to bring that amazing guitar skill to the stage? Oh you're talking about Nick! No. Nick does play, but who does it for 2 hours straight only stopping for a intermission between the songs. From 2005 to now, there's been one guy who stands on stage, in the back, on the left. Oh you mean Garbo! No, not at all, not even Garbo himself can take his place. It's Kevin. Paul Kevin Jonas II, the hazel eyed brown curly haired boy, who is famous for his love for guitar and the band. Everyone sees him, but no one knows him. Going to city to city, who is your favorite? When you say "I support the Jonas Brothers", does that include the oldest? The 20 year old, hasn't had it easy. "Oh he's gay! Why do you like him? Joe is SO sexy! Nick is so hot!" What does that say to you? True fan right? Not at all. He has something so real. Nick is indeed a hero. But the ones who do love Kevin, have been known to have fallen for his charm, and irrestible looks. What was the last thing you have said about Kevin? He's SO ugly! His chesthair needs to be shaved! His sideburns are really tacky! What does that make you think of that person? She has a favorite. Why bring him down? Joe isn't the only one who has fallen onstage. Kevin has too. Think about spinning, while playing guitar, and trying to master the spin in front of millions. Sure, he is the oldest, okay he's rarely sings loud in a song, his heart is pure gold. What makes him different? He's Paul Kevin Jonas II. When watching videos, do you laugh at Joe and Nick's jokes, and when Kevin speaks you ignore it? Can you tell a jb fan right now his favorite color is green? or he loves butterfingers? or is THE starbucks fanatic? Stop the hate. If you were teased because of your looks would you hate it? He's pushed and shoved in interviews, as the older brother, djs can tease. would you hate that? Step into Kevin's shoes for a minute. Waking up at 4 a.m to head to a brand new city on the tour. Walking out of the tour bus, with thousands and thousands of fans standing there. "I LOVE YOU JOE!" "I LOVE YOU NICK!" "OH MY GOD!" But Kevin just smiles, and waves. He's being ignored. Well maybe it won't be bad. He gets dressed in his dressing room. Hears thousands of screaming girls. Steps up on the stage, and smiles. Begins the introduction of a song. Then the lights hit them, and then hits the audience What does he see? Nick and Joe lover signs. How would you feel. He's does alot. He's dragged down, but what does he do? Quit being a Jonas brother? NO! He loves us, and when that Say now text comes in, and all you hear is him. Think about it, he's taking hi time to say hello, and he loves us. He taught me what love is, and how romantic boys should be. He is beautiful to me. There's something inside of him, that shines through him, and when I see him, I can't help but love. He's amazing in my eyes. When I sit infront of him, in a crowd at a concert, I looked him in the eyes, and smiled. Because he is so beautiful to me. Kevin always has a smile on his face, never let's his fan's down; NO matter if nobody's cheering for him at his concerts, or even when Joe & Nick's "Fans" don't like him. The Jonas Brothers wouldn't be the Jonas Brothers without Kevin; he's truly amazing and we should support him more, if you were a true fan; you wouldn't ignore Kevin and his beauty.

See This Vid of Kevin Jonas Falls on Stage And Nick Jonas Laughs (Nick very bad What You Do), The Fall and the laughs is in the second 23 to 28

See This Pictire of Camp Rock and what do to Kevin

See This Vid of Kevin Jonas II singing When You Look Me In The Eyes.